Hurling for Hospice
The Order of Saint Lazarus ( Acadia Commandery ) will hold a fundraising event this coming weekend during the 2023 Lobster Bash from July 7 to 9 (11am to 4pm) in support of the Fundy Hospice initiative. The event, "Hurling for Hospice" will be located on the south end of the Admiral's Walk area in Digby.
For $5, an individual can be part of a five-person team to launch a projectile from a trebuchet, a type of catapult that was used in medieval times. The design of a trebuchet allows it to launch projectiles of greater weights and further distances than that of a traditional catapult.
“Sir” David Cvet and trustee squires will be on hand to explain how to operate the trebuchet and monitor each hurl and to provide appropriate projectiles to hurl into the Bay of Fundy. Please stop by and support Fundy Hospice when you are at Lobster Bash!